Vision frame LED

The Vision frames from Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale are available in different shapes and sizes. The principle of all the editions is the same. A Vision frame is made out of a frame where the fabric is placed in and is easy to change. Because of the fabric being finalized with a silicon string it can be easily maintained and replaced. This makes our Vision frames ideal for events and temporary actions.

Our Vision frame LED is a real eye-catcher. Because of the built-in LED lights in the frame, the message is brought extra to the attention. A Vision frame is a product that can last for years. Because of the canvas being easily replaceable you have the ability to fit a canvas for different types of events.

We create our Vision frames using the fabric type Poly-Deco with a 0% imprint on the backside. Our LED Vision frame can be used in three ways: hanging, standing or wall mounted. The frame has a depth of 90mm or 120mm and is available in the colors silver, black and white. The LED Vision frame has the possibility to have both sides of the frame filled with a different canvas. When it comes to the size of the frame, everything is possible. From a small painting till a wall sized one.

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